Intelligent Chatbots: Reinventing Cybersecurity with Virtual Watchguards

Intelligent Chatbots: Reinventing Cybersecurity with Virtual Watchguards

Cybersecurity Ventures predicts global cybercrime costs to reach $10.5 trillion annually by 2025.

The increased use of technology has snowballed the risk of cyberattacks. The constant threat of phishing or malware attacks puts businesses in a vulnerable spot. What’s more concerning is that the likelihood of detection and prosecution of such attacks is estimated to be as low as 0.05% in the US. This reinforces the need to safeguard critical information and prompt companies to deploy a strong firewall safety system.

Improving Cybersecurity with AI-Powered Chatbots

Users are sharing sensitive and financial information on online portals regularly. An attacker can use it to exploit company applications or users. With so much at stake, businesses are investing in new technologies to outwit cybercriminals. The most recent addition to it is AI-powered chatbots.

They leverage AI to predict data breaches, send out alerts in case of email phishing attempts, and expose scams before they become dangerous. It reduces the risks associated with remote working by safeguarding data and instills trust in your brand.

The Virtual Watchdog: Intelligent Chatbot

It wouldn’t be hyperbolic to say that virtual assistants act as a line of defense to safeguard user information from malicious attacks. But how? Let’s find out:

1. Leverages User Behavioral Analytics

UBA or User Behavioral Analytics involves collecting, tracking, and studying user data by implementing algorithms and statistical analysis. It searches for patterns that indicate unusual behavior that could possibly represent a security threat. This methodology is being widely adopted in the chatbot security system to thwart a cybercrime by predicting anomalous behaviors at the right time.

2. Supports Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

MFA adds an additional layer of security to the login process, thus making it difficult to gain unauthorized access. These next-gen chatbots employ multiple methods of authentication to verify a user’s identity within the chat interface, such as sending an OTP to the registered phone or scanning the fingerprint. Apart from providing a layered defense, MFA is economical yet effective when pitted against other security technologies.

3. Reinforces User Identity Authorization

Authorization must always follow authentication. Once the users have proved their identities and genuineness, the chatbot then grants them access to permitted resources and reserves access to certain channels or confidential data that is redundant or irrelevant for them. Doing so permits access to the right person and ensures that sensitive information isn’t breached or compromised.

4. Facilitates End-to-End Encryption

Digital data is classified into two main categories: in transit and at rest. Intelligent chatbots use a secure method of communication, like end-to-end encryption. In this method, only the recipient (person meant to receive the information) can decrypt the message, thus forbidding any unauthorized third parties from accessing it while it’s on the move. This loosely translates to your conversations with a chatbot being safer than sending an email to someone.

5. Traces the User’s Digital Footprint

Intelligent chatbots can track and monitor user behavior across the network, including their login activities. Using these insights, the bots can identify unusual login activities, thereby protecting users from prying eyes and enhancing security.

6. Guises as a 24/7 Guardian

Chatbots function round the clock and are indispensable to your security strategy. This is because they will not fall prey to email phishing attacks but will in fact communicate potential threats to employees day in, day out. Your teams can then spring to action and work on providing preemptive remedies to malware infestations.

Can’t Zero in on a Chatbot for Your Organization?

We’re happy to help! These 8 considerations will help you narrow down to a chatbot that’s perfect for your organization. What’s more, you can avert security threats by choosing a chatbot that has inbuilt security features.

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